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Date: Meets on Wednesdays: starts Oct. 2, 2019
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Location: Newfield
Child-Care: Yes: Drop children off at church at 6:20 and them pick them up at 7:45pm

Want to join or have a question? Contact Kay Ford: kay.henry.ford@gmail.com or 607-592-0237

Why I Believe by Chip Ingram: 

In our post-Christian, pluralistic society, responding to the perception that Christians are prejudiced, anti-intellectual, and bigoted has become a greater challenge than ever before. The result is often intimidation, withdrawal, and even doubts among God’s people about what we really believe. Chip Ingram, teaching pastor at Living on the Edge, wants to help change that.

In Why I Believe, he gives compelling answers to questions about

– the resurrection of Christ
– the evidence of an afterlife
-the accuracy and intellectual feasibility of the Bible
– the debate between creation and evolution
– the historicity of Jesus
– and more

The solid, biblical, logical answers he shares will satisfy the honest doubts that every believer experiences now and then, and will provide practical, thoughtful answers that can be shared with family and friends. This is the perfect resource for churches, small groups, and individuals who long not only to really know what and why they believe, but also to be equipped to explain the intellectual justification for their faith in everyday language.  

Join the Brian and Kay as they journey together on these important questions of faith and build relationship and connection with one another!

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