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People Fuel, Part 3: The Seven C's of Relationship

Dr. John Townsend

How is your “People Picker?” We all choose individuals to be around us, and most of them are pretty good finds. But it’s easy to also get a bit out of balance, and have a lot more “drain” conversations than “gain” conversations. This can lead to fatigue and burnout, and then everyone gets drained…

When God won't take away your Anxiety


A question I’m often asked is, “How did you stop having anxiety?” 
I didn’t. 
“You mean, you still feel anxious?” 
Every now and then, yes.
“You mean, God hasn’t healed you from it?”

These questions are not uncommon to me and I imagine they’re not uncommon to others in the church. The giant chasm which exists between faith and mental health…

Why do we hate each other so much?

Carey Nieuwhof

So much is changing so quickly in our culture. One of the things that is changing quickly is how deeply we seem to hate each other. Election years and global pandemics only seem to make that trend worse. I wish I could say Christians were exempt from this trend. We’re not. In fact, there are a good number of Christians who…



Why You Should't Quit

Article from Carey Nieuwhof

I’ve wanted to quit more than a few times, and almost always that’s because I’m having a bad day. Here’s what I’ve realized: quitting on a bad day is a really bad idea. On a bad day, your emotions hijack your brain…

3 Reasons Winning at Work is Easier than Winning at Home

Article from

How’s it going at home…really?

Here’s what I’ve come to believe.

Ultimately, everything rides on how you lead at home. 

The stakes are high.

Lead well at home, and you will inevitably become…

Learned Helplessness: When Kids Give up Trying

Article from Focus on the Family 

In 1952, champion long-distance swimmer Florence Chadwick made her first attempt at swimming from Catalina Island to the California mainland. The challenge was within her reach — she’d recently broken two time records for swimming across the English Channel. But the fog was dense that day, obscuring her view of her support boats and completely hiding the opposite shoreline. After 15 hours in the water…

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