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Why Does Anyone Become a Christian?

Timothy Keller

 Many say that Christians who maintain the historic, traditional doctrines are behind the times, are too exclusive, and are “on the wrong side of history.” Two recent books that cast doubt on this view are from historian and biblical scholar Larry Hurtado, Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (Baylor University Press, 2016) and Why on Earth Did Anyone Become a Christian in the First Three Centuries? (Marquette University Press, 2016). 

The earliest Christians were widely ridiculed, especially by the cultural elites…


Eliminating Toxic Thoughts

Dr. Caroline Leaf

A thought may seem like something that is fleeting. A thought may seem harmless and of no consequence. Often, we think of actions as having more impact than thoughts but actions are generated from thoughts. So it is important to realize that thoughts are measurable and occupy mental “real estate.”

Thoughts are active: They grow and change…



Wisdom Together

Proverbs 31 Ministries

For all of their lives, my children have known a secret. When circumstances fall apart, there is a safe place. Their mom’s arms. More than a hug, this place beats with the gentle rhythm of a heart that feels what they feel. So they bring what they can’t bear to experience alone into this place. And we reconnect…

Lets start new conversations about how we read the Bible with teenagers

Article from Fuller Youth Institute 

Just a few years after my first experience at church and my first time reading the Bible, I found myself leading a high school ministry. The story of how I accidentally became a youth pastor is one for another day, but I was excited about working with high school students, and even more excited about sharing my love for the Bible with them. 

However, I hit some massive…


3 Reasons Winning at Work is Easier than Winning at Home

Article from

How’s it going at home…really?

Here’s what I’ve come to believe.

Ultimately, everything rides on how you lead at home. 

The stakes are high.

Lead well at home, and you will inevitably become…

How young is too young (for digital media)?

Article from Fuller Youth Institute 

If you’re like us, you have wondered more than once what age is the “right” age to start using a particular digital device, app, or social media platform.

When we talk with parents about this, many express feeling like they’re holding the line in a battle for as long as possible. They feel constant pressure…

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