Holy Spirit and Ministry

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Date: Sunday mornings beginning on March 1, 2020
Time: 9:00-9:45am
Location: ROOM 106 down the hall at Church
Cost: FREE

Lead by Pastor Cliff: PCO197@yahoo.com

Holy Spirit Gifts and Ministries

Will be a rotational 12 week study series that will run continuously. Feel free to come in at any session and just continue till you finish the series and then jump off. 

1: Who is the Holy Spirit?: Person of the Holy Spirit

2: Come Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit Baptism

3: Gifts of Revelation: Word of wisdom, Knowledge, Discerning of Spirits

4: Gifts of Revelation: Tongues and Interpretations

5: Gifts of Revelation: Tongues and Interpretations

6: Gifts of Revelation: Prophecy

7: Gifts of Power: Faith, Miracles and Healings

8: Gifts and Ministry Part 1

9: Gifts and Ministry Part 2

10: Pentecostal Experience: Evangelism

11: Spiritual Cautions

12: Administering the Spiritual Gifts

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