Sunday Services will be online starting 3/22/2020

All on campus and home life groups are either online or suspended


Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Ithaca First Response :


As of now due to state and local guidelines regarding no gatherings over 10 people, we will be going to Online services starting Sunday March 22, 2020. The earliest we could possibly worship together may be on Palm Sunday April 5th. Again, we will see where we are at in this process by then.

In the midst of all of this, praise God for technology! We will do our best to communicate with you in a timely fashion.  If you would like to be on our mailer list, this might be the best time to do so on our website: to receive all necessary updates.

Q: I’m leading / participating in a Life Group. Should we still meet? Our Life Groups are transitioning as we speak. Please contact your Life Group host to see how they are planning to connect or what they will be doing for the next two weeks.

Q: Will there be Church on Sunday? Thank you for that question. We are working hard to get things online. And we will be ready for you to join us Sunday morning at 10am on our church Facebook page. We are also working on having a YouTube link to follow us live on Sunday morning through the website under Sermons.   We encourage you to look for us at or make sure you join us on Facebook under First Assembly of God.

We encourage you to continue to be safe and make wise choices during these next several weeks: 

1. IF YOU FEEL SICK. Those who feel sick in any way – we are encouraging you to stay home and stay safe. 

2. IF YOU ARE JUST GETTING OVER AN ILLNESS. Anyone just getting over an illness we are encouraging you to abide by the new guidelines established for this virus. Please make sure that you are at least 72 hours without any symptoms and without any medications before you get together with anyone. Symptoms include a fever, coughing, or any flu related symptoms. If you are getting over an illness and are less than 72 hours without symptoms, please stay home and stay safe.

How are we going to stay connected?
Church is not just about coming to a building for services, but it is about our relationship with God and each other – both of which is critical for our spiritual and emotional health. So, we are not only working hard to connect and communicate with you. And we ask the same of you.
Follow us online every Sunday 10am. If you are unable to join us, we encourage you to follow us online. Starting next Sunday March 22nd our services will be available online each Sunday morning at 10 o’clock during our regularly scheduled time. 
As we move ahead, I am reminded of the lessons that God showed us Sunday in the service. If God put that much effort into orchestrating the details of Jesus’ life-and-death 1,400 years before it ever happened – there is no detail of our life that he cannot handle! Let us never forget that HE HAS GOT THIS! God is in control and we have nothing to fear!
This is a perfect opportunity for the church – to be the church – and show the world just how powerful God is and what a difference a relationship with him can make in our lives. 
I look forward to the testimonies of what God is doing through this in our lives, families, and community as we Continue to be his light and salt in our world.
Never forget that you are very much loved and always in our thoughts and prayers.
In HIS service and yours.
John Sotero
Lead Pastor

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