14 Day Prayer Challenge and Devotionals

2020, What's Happening

Event Details:

Date: Sept 13-Sept 26
Time: M-F Prayer 12-12:30pm Church
Location: Online/Church

Have questions? Email us at Ithacafirst@yahoo.com


Now more than ever we are asking our community of believers to come together and seek God’s face. To read the Bible, listen, learn, and be lead in the wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit. As we make our plans we know our heavenly Father is the one who will lead us through what we have come through over these past 6 months. It is also how we will move forward in strength, unity, courage, and wisdom.

“Prayer is the instrument by which believers are sustained until Jesus returns. It provides Christians with a source of strength, peace, and resolve. In this 14 day challenge  we will discover how to transform the world for the Kingdom of God through the power of prayer.”  

  • We will have our staff read and share a short devotional M-F
  • Noon Prayer at Church Monday – Friday 12:00pm -12:30pm 
  • You can follow along on the YouVersion Bible App: Prayer Revolution


  • Call in Prayer Thursdays 7-8am: Call (425) 436-6375 and access code: 2717541#


Why are we leading with Prayer?

Because when we are spiritually hungry we become desperate for God to move in us and in our world. And nothing else will quench that or fill that need in us except for Jesus.

Why do as ask the Church to pray together?  

When we draw together corporately because it gives us One Voice. In the book of Acts Paul writes the church was earnestly and constantly praying to God. A powerful dynamic occurs when an entire congregation prayers on the same theme.

What does prayer do? 

It invokes God’s presence. In 2 Chronicles 6-7 at the dedication of Solomon’s Temple, we see God’s glory indwelling His team,ple so much that everyone fell with their faces to the ground. In Solomon’s dedication prayer, he invited God to come and dwell. We need His presence again… His manifest presence.                                                                                                                                

How does He do that?

It says God inhabits the praises of His people- Psalm 22:3

Will you join us for the Prayer Challenge?

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