Psalm 91:1 Day 1

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Today is day 1 of our PS91 21 day fast and prayer focus.  For the next 21 days we will be focusing the time and energy we usually put into other areas on our life – into a focus on God and what he has for us in 2017.
Q = So what does it mean to fast?
Fasting is simply the act of denying yourself something meaningful in order to focus our time and energy on God.
When we fast, we are saying that hearing from God for 2017 is more important to us than anything we can eat or enjoy in our life!
Q = What are the different types of things I can choose to fast?
Food – This is the type of the fast usually described in Scripture.
In fact, in all but one Scripture referenced food is was is being discussed.
There are various ways to go about fasting from food
Skipping a Meal(s)
        Fasting a type of food
                Meat etc.
        Only eating certain types of food.
Fruits and Vegetables
        Daniel Fast
Eating only Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains
Other types of fasts:
Social Media TV Social Media, etc. We would be surprised how much time we would find to focus on God if we just cut back on the time we are focused on social media.
Entertainment – such as TV, internet, video games, movies, etc.
The purpose of fasting is not just to take something away – but to replace it with a new focus or activity.
For the next 21 days we are asking our church family to:
Fast – set aside something meaningful to you.
Pray – Take the time you would otherwise spend on that activity and
Read your Bible – We are praying and preaching through 91 Psalm
            so take time every day to read and pray through those 16
        Listen – To what God is saying to you through your prayers & Bible
So, ask yourself – what is important to me? What are you believing God for in 2017?
We will be praying with you as we begin this journey together. Believing God for direction and breakthrough for our lives and families.
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