Psalm 91 Day 9

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Psalm 91:5 “You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day”
God is taking the opportunity to promise us His provision for the various places we will eventually find ourselves in life and how they might impact us. He assures us that we have nothing to fear from the terror of night.
Night is used in the Scripture to represent many of the challenges we face.
FAILURE – It was in one of Peter’s longest nights that he betrayed Jesus. 
SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE – Jesus prayed through the night at Gethsemane. Struggling with God’s will.
CHAOS – In the beginning the Bible says that darkness and chaos covered the earth under the cover of darkness until God created light.
THE UNKNOWN – Throughout the Bible we see people struggling to find direction guidance, and answers. This is seen in the questions asked by Nicodemus to Jesus in the middle of the night in John 3, or the prophet Elijah seeking answers while hiding out.
And the list goes on – representing every insecurity and challenge you have faced or eventually will face in the night seasons of life.
The question is – what keeps you up at night? What is worrying you right now? What are you going through that causes you to question your very faith? God knew you would come to this dark place – and He has already provided everything you need to make it through. You have nothing to fear – God is in control.
The Bible tells us that “tears may last through the night but joy will come in the morning.” So remember when you find yourself in the night seasons of life and you cannot see or feel God – rest assured He has His eye on you and you are never out of His sight.
Faith is not pretending that the problem does not exist. Faith is not allowing the problem to define you but rather allowing God to define your problem. So every time you find yourself worried, concerned, or thinking about the problem – take time to give it to HIM because HE truly does care for us.
Have a blessed day!- PJS
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