Psalm 91 Day 12

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DAY 12
Psalms 91:9&10 “If you say, ‘The Lord is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.”
How do we take advantage of this protection as described above:
“If you say…” The word ‘say’ does not just refer to our spoken words because all of us have heard the saying “words are cheap!” But rather the word is better translated = ‘confess.’
The word confess includes not only our words but our actions, how we posture ourselves, and the actions that follow. You can tell a lot about a person not only by their words, but where they spend their time, money, energy, and where their passion and priorities lie.
If you were to be unable to speak at all, and the only way someone could determine what is important to you and what you believe is by WATCHING YOU  – what would people say about your life.  This is in fact what you are confessing.
Try writing down how much time you spend doing various things in a day, how much you spend on various activities throughout the week, and it will give you some idea about what is important to you – or what our actions are confessing. The more we are living in a place of trust, obedience, and reliance on God – the less we fear harm and disaster.
“no disaster will come near your tent.” In those days, your tent was not an extremely uncomfortable dwelling that constantly leaked and you could not wait to get out of to get home (or is that just me?). It was your home. Your very intimate place where your family and children lived.  Outside of the place of worship it was the most respected and honored place in anyone’s life. You expected an enemy to take your crops, destroy your farm and livelihood, but when an enemy entered your tent – that was a pain beyond description.
God is promising protection not only you – but your homes and family! That is powerful stuff!! To realize that my actions or lack thereof can have a direct impact on my home is a sobering thought.
There is a blessing on your home – because there is a blessing on your life!
So live like GOD is your priority – and HE will make you and your family HIS priority. – pjs


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